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Not every mover has the expertise or capacity to handle large equipment moves, but Quick does. Over the years we’ve moved a wide range of oversized IT equipment from air handling units and Liebert systems, to data center racks and display units and more. Our Large Equipment Move specialists will coordinate crating and shipping via direct drive, ground or air transportation. We can even provide inside pick up and delivery, moving your large items from one place to another in the same building – reformatting doorways or using rigging equipment and more as necessary. You get complete peace of mind that your oversized equipment will arrive safely with:

  • End-to-end project management with complete project planning, hands-on coordination and execution to keep the project on time and within budget
  • A dedicated site manager who acts as a single point-of-contact for internal IT and security departments as well as all vendors, building managers, leasing companies, recyclers and warehouse facilities
  • Full service capabilities including de-installation, packing and crating as well as shipping and assembly at the new location
  • Fast, secure air and ground transportation solutions for direct drive chain of custody transports, next day and second day delivery to locations across the US or worldwide
  • An unmatched chain of custody with asset numbers for each item, moves made in sealed vans or trucks and shipments monitored throughout transit to ensure security and integrity
  • GPS capabilities that track and monitor the movement of your shipments in real time, providing specific data reports to verify temperature, exposure to light and chain of custody
  • Specialized vehicles and processes to ensure security as well as safety of temperature sensitive or large equipment
  • Complete reverse logistics including end-of-lease retrievals, swap outs, redeployments, recycling, storage and consolidation
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