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Did you know that almost 100% of electronic waste - or e-waste - is recyclable, and that materials such as plastics, metals and glass can be recovered? That’s good news because with the pace of technology, the amount of e-waste the world generates is growing quickly. It’s also why there are more federal and state regulations related to handling e-waste. And it’s more than just the cell phones, computers and printers we think about. It’s old answering machines and fax machines, camcorders and CD or DVD players, electric typewriters and pagers, hard drives and so much more. We help you keep e-waste out of landfills with:

  • Professional collection of all electronic waste and universal waste such as light bulbs, batteries and ballasts as well as metals
  • Experienced and trained teams who handle all phases of removal as well as sort and handle all waste once it arrives at the recycling plant and provide an inventory count by weight
  • Protected facilities with a secure entry system, extensive video surveillance network and a security system around the perimeter
  • Complete de-manufacturing by separating component parts and sending them to smelters for final recycling
  • Secure processes for keeping data safe by providing locked bins for collecting hard drives and data tapes containing confidential information that are only unlocked for emptying into the shredder for destruction
  • End-to-end data wiping and sanitizing with capabilities for erasing any type of device, delivering reports detailing which devices and serial numbers have been sanitized in compliance with published standards
  • Certificates of Destruction to illustrate your compliance with federal and state regulations
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