End-to-End Project Logistics
for a Major Law Firm

End-to-End Project Logistics for a Major Law Firm

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A major law firm was re-organizing and needed to send thousands of boxes with confidential materials from Texas to two different office locations in downtown Chicago. They required packing, wrapping, crating, accountability, chain of custody, transportation, permits and coordination with building management in all locations. Use of loading docks was limited, and required after hours access.


A Quick Project Manager was assigned to assess the project requirements and locations, coordinate with building managers and execute a logistics plan for safe transport to both locations within client time frame and budget. The process included scanning of all boxes, reconciliation of the inventory and removal from basement storage areas, through a long hallway to freight elevator up to loading dock.

A crew of four Quick operations staff, plus 2 straight trucks with drivers were assigned to arrive early at the pickup location and scan the barcoded boxes. Removal was done using hand carts and the freight was staged by freight elevator for next step which was to bring up to loading dock at 2pm. At 2:00PM, the crew loaded trucks and drove directly to the local Quick office where boxes were palletized and shrink-wrapped. All skids were appropriated labeled and loaded in order of the correct office destination point. Once ready for shipping, staged skids were loaded on a direct drive trailer.

The direct trailer was sealed with a unique seal number, and recorded on the driver manifest, headed non-stop to Chicago, maintaining security and chain of custody. Since the destination was downtown Chicago, the shipment had to be transferred to smaller box trucks, due to trailer restrictions in the city. The remaining freight was transported to the Quick local office and loaded into 2 smaller trucks. Another team of four operations staff, plus the drivers then delivered the 12 skids to second destination.

Requirement for this project also included breakdown of the skids, removal of the empty skids and moving the boxes to several rooms within the client's office area. The project was completed on time and within budget.