Simplified Declaration Requirements Will Streamline Imports of Health Products Into Singapore

26 May, 2016 by  Amine Benmoussa

The Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA) has undertaken a review of the import declaration requirements for health products, with the goal to streamline trade documentation for these products imported into Singapore, and to facilitate the submission of import permit applications via TradeNet®.

The Key Changes in Effect as of May 3, 2016, Include: 

(I) Merger of the 4 Competent Authorities (CAs) of HSA for health products into a single unit. Cosmetic Control Unit (CCU), Medical Device Branch (MDB), Complementary Health Products (CHP), and Health Products Regulation Group (HPR), will be merged into a single CA (i.e. HPR). With this initiative, different categories of health products may be declared within the same TradeNet® permit application. 


(II) Removal of the need to declare HSA Product Codes for health products that are currently not subject to licensing/approval requirements. The following health products are not subject to HSA's licensing/approval requirements before importation, and no longer required to be declared required to be declared using HSA’s Product Codes in the permit applications submitted via TradeNet: 

(i) Cosmetic products 
(ii) Health supplements 
(iii) Quasi-medicines (dandruff preparations, medicated soaps, medicated plasters, medicated beverages, vitamin or nutritional preparations from any plant, animal or mineral, medicated toothpaste, medicated cosmetic products are exempted from product registration requirement)
(iv) Traditional medicines such as Jamu and Ayurvedic medicines 
(vi) Herbal materials
(vii) Homeopathic medicines


(III) Simplification of HSA Product Codes. For the following health products that are subject to HSA’s licensing/approval requirements before importation, you are required to declare the relevant HSA Product Codes in your import permit applications and to furnish the relevant license/approval information:

(i) Medicinal products including medicinal gums
(ii) Medical devices
(iii) Chinese proprietary medicines
(iv) Clinical trial test materials
(v) Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances
(vi) Oral dental gums
(vii) Substances specified in the Poisons Act

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