New Class 9 and Class 6 Dangerous Goods Label Design

03 Oct, 2014 by  Dave Macha

In an effort to harmonize 49CFR and IATA regulations, effective October 1st 2014, USDOT  discontinued the use of the current Class 9 and Dry Ice labels, as well as the Class 6 Infectious Substances label.

1. Class 9 Dangerous Goods Label:  The black horizontal line at the bottom of the vertical lines was removed from the new label:

New Class 9 Label.jpg

2. Class 6 Infectious Substances label: The text indicating that CDC is to be notified within the US was removed, as per the images below:

New Class 6 Infectios Substance Label.jpg

If you have any questions about the recent changes, please contact any of our customer service centers.

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